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RSPB Visit – Details from a Survey of the Allotments

We’re lucky to have lots of wildlife on the allotments and we love hearing from our tenants when they spot something exciting. If you’re a tenant or visitor at St Anns Allotments and you ever get a chance to take a photo, feel free to send it to us or share on our Facebook page.

We had a visit from The RSPB on Tuesday 19th March to do a survey of the allotments. The results are as follows:


Lots going on this weekend…

We have lots going on this weekend at the allotments, as we are taking part in The Big DigThe Big Dig is all about getting people down to their local community garden to get growing. Whether you are new to gardening or an experienced gardener we need your help!

Big Dig Poster1

We also have our usual activity day at the Community Orchard on Sunday. So whether you want to get involved in a bit of gardening, or just want to relax in the Community Orchard, there is something for everyone!

Act Day Big Dig